Are you sick and tired of cleaning routines?

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Cleaning routines- they're all over the place.

My friend has changed her cleaning routine a million times over and over. Sometimes she mixes the routines. Take one from here, one from there, etc,.

I get it; she wants something that works for her, and that is completely understandable and fine. I’ve been trying to find a good routine too. Nothing meets my needs as a mum with depression, so I made up “smart spark cleaning routine”. 

Our lifestyles are also different. Some of us work a full-time job. Some of us a full-time mums. Some of us are sick with depression or other debilitating illness that can hinder our ability to work with a certain routine. All these can affect the routine you adopt.

How to treat a routine and get used to it?

A routine is a habit. Something you do every day, three days a week, once a month etc,. Your habits are basicly things that are rooted in your head and you just do it on autopilot. Often you will not miss them, or even skip one of them for something that just pop up on your list of the day. 

Some times we adjust a little on that day to fit in our routine. Either do it a little earlier or a little later etc,. We can’t skip it because it has well established in our minds and we will feel a little odd if not do it, even feel upset.

Adopting a routine is basicly adopting a new habit. A perfect and positive way to look at a routine when you adopt one is to think of it as changing a bad habit, replacing it with a good habit.

Learn to do the routine daily until it established well and becomes a habit. This is important. 

No matter the type of routine you adopt, the rule is the same. Do it every day until it becomes a habit you can’t drop.

When your old ways of cleaning don’t work and you start a new routine, you’re replacing the old routine that didn’t work for years with a good one.

It’s very much like your morning routine. What you do before you go to work, what you do before you drop the kids off at school, what time you must be ready by.

Why do you wake up every day at the same time and why do you need an alarm to wake you up?

That’s all part of your routine. When do you go to sleep, when you should wake up, when the kids need to be ready for school by, etc,. 

Your cleaning routine is as important as any of your routines, if not more important. 



Why is a cleaning routine important?

You can ask the same question about all other routines you have. Why do you have to follow them and stick to them? It’s the same reason you should have a cleaning routine.

A cleaning routine is important for many reasons. It keeps your home clean and healthy. It creates a hygienic home for you and your family to thrive.

A lot of diseases are because of filth and dirt in our homes. Children are very vulnerable and lots of us can protect our young children from bad illness with a good cleaning routine that will protect them from bacterial and viral infections.

Having a cleaning routine will make your life easier with a regular small cleaning that will not only get rid of the burden of long exhausting cleaning days, but your home will always be clean and healthy.

No matter how damp is a home, encouraging the growth of molds, there is no excuse as why your window sills and ceiling covered with molds.

There’s a huge difference between not being able to do something because of illness and not being able to do anything because you don’t want to clean or just be lazy.

Living in a cold, damp and unhealthy home is, of course, a terrible thing. Having said that, we should not sit back and watch the mold grow out of control in the cold seasons, then watch it all dry out in the hot season and fly in the air. That’s a recipe for disaster for you and your children’s lungs. [Children especially].

It’s important we do our best to bring ourselves out of our bad situation to a better one. No one is going to come and throw at you money to fix your problems, but you can be the big heart to move forward, and improve your living condition and your lives.

Most of us are struggling worse than many have witnessed over the last decades. However, it’s not an excuse not to clean our homes.

Try a cleaning routine and find what suits you best and your situation.

Check out my;

One task a day. It’s another wonderful idea if you adopt it will make your cleaning routine a lot easier and stress free.

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