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Clean Kitchen Before Bed Challenge # 1

Clean kitchen before bed! uh sounds good alright? Sounds easy too, does it not? Especially if you are living alone or you have a housemaid.

But, what if you are a mother with a house of kids, teens who eat constantly? People who just don’t see things the way you see it and just don’t bother by a kitchen loaded with dirty plates from one end of the counter to the other end. Without a doubt there are many of us out there who just can’t keep up with the kitchen issue and just can’t breathe when the kitchen gets messy. 

I’m extremely sensitive to messy kitchen especially in the morning. A Clean kitchen before bed can make or destroy my day.

Mornings especially are important times for me. I want to wake up to a sleek, Clean kitchen. It works wonders for my day; it lifts my spirit. 

I can feel my heart in peace, my breathing slow and well balanced, when I entered the kitchen in the morning to find it nice and clean.

Leaving a Clean kitchen before I go to bed is an important part of my life. 

So, it’s for this reason I did the Clean kitchen before bed challenge. However, I can only do the challenge when I’m mentally okay, the days where I am not in a good mental state, I will try but I won’t force myself to do it. 

Do you think you can take on the challenge? Give it a go, see how it goes. 

To watch motivational videos on Clean kitchen before bed, Click here

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Easy How To Keep Kitchen Clean While Cooking Part 2

You’re walking in a nice clean shiny clutter free kitchen.

  1. Put on the bench a bowl or anything to collect all your peals and rubbish as you cut your vegetables etc,

  2. Chop everything you need for your meal, including your meat.

  3. Cut your onion, garlic, ginger and herbs (if use)

  4. Put them all in one big plate or small different plates, just enough to fit each group then cover them.

  5. Get your spices ready on a saucer or any small plate and cover.

  6. Get out all the things you need for your cooking, including oil, or butter if needed, and any canned ingredients.

  7. Put them all on the bench, group together.

Empty Clean Put Away.

During cooking, every time you add something to your pot, wash the plate and put where you put washed dishes. Things like oil and other ingredients in bottles must return to the shelf straight after you add what you need in the pot. (from the pot after you use them to the shelf/fridge) If you can’t wash plates, and put things back straight away, you can put the plates on top of each other, put them aside until you finish with adding ingredients, once you finished tossing your first lot of ingredients in your pot, and you have put the lid back on, you can start washing the plates already emptied of their contents and put them aside to dry. You can also load them in the dishwasher if you prefer (your machine should be empty when you cleaned your kitchen) Do this with all the plates until you’re done with all the plates.

Bottles And Cans.

when you’re done with a bottle or a can, put the empty can or bottle in the recycle or put in the fridge if you didn’t use the lot.

If you can’t put them straight away, group them together next to each other until you get the chance to do so.
Once you’re done with the pot and it’s now on its set temperature for cooking, use that time to put away things you don’t need anymore.

Start washing all the plates used for the cooking ingredients and put all other things away. (if you didn’t wash them yet)

Put your wooden spoon or any other spoon your’re using to stir your pot on a plate next to the stove (on the bench)

Last Step.

Finally, wipe your bench and empty your dishwasher (if full and haven’t done earlier) to have it ready for after dinner dishes. Better always to do this earlier when you cleaned the kitchen before cooking.

Now your dinner is cooking away, and your kitchen is nice and clean.

Not only you have now secure yourself a clean kitchen to serve dinner.  This will also get rid of stresses usually associated with serving dinner from a messy, cluttered kitchen.

As always, leave me a comment below with your cooking and cleaning routine.

If you haven’t read part 1, you can find it here.


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Easy How to clean your kitchen while cooking-Part 1

How  to keep your kitchen clean while cooking 

Cooking is sometimes a great stress relieved for some of us, but what if the kitchen is itself stressed with dishes in the sink and benches buried under rubbish and all other things?

A messy kitchen at the time of cooking is one of my most hated thing to walk into. My stomach will just suddenly have cramps like the ones you get during your PMS, Yeah, you got me.

I’m one of those people who love to cook in a clean kitchen, but dread cooking or baking when I know the kitchen is a messy.

The Clean And Cook Routine.

So here is a clean and cook routine I made for myself to keep my kitchen clean while cooking, eliminating stress replacing it with inner joy.

I find cooking with joy makes the food tastier and more enjoyable not only by you but by those who are hungry but can’t feed themselves, uh, huh.

This is because when you’re not stress, you can focus, you have peace in your mind, nothing distracting just the willingness to make a perfect meal, where you will pay attention to the details.

Okay, I think my thoughts are derailing out of the primary subject, so let’s get back on track.

Are you ready to clean and cook?

 This is the most important part of this routine.

  1. Clean your kitchen way before you cook about 30 minutes to one hour.
  2. Do not go straight to cooking after cleaning your kitchen.
  3. Empty your dishwasher. 
  4. Having your dishwasher empty is important, it will make clean up after dinner much easier and stress free. People can just rinse their plates and put them in the dishwasher if it’s empty. This will keep your bench free of clutter, making cleaning up after a meal so much easier.

Continue on to part 2 



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How To Generate Good Feelings.

Feeling good makes things happen. The connection between your mind and how you feel is powerful in achieving a peaceful life. Quiet your mind down, do the breathing exercise and think about what you have been missing out on and how to get yourself back up there. Start by seeing yourself up there in your mind. Visualise yourself in what you want. See yourself achieving it, owning it, living it, being it, let the feeling of being in that place rush through your body. Allow it to be in your body as long as it want to stay, feel it, have it locked into your mind. It’s important you hold on to that feeling, feel it in your heart and soul. Hold on to that feeling whiles you continue to see yourself owning what you want with your life as if you are already living in it. [this is the most important part of holding on to it].

To want without the feeling won’t give you what you want. 

You must feel it

Understanding how to generate and hold on to the good feeling:

Visualisation brings on the feeling, that feeling is the most important part.

Answer the questions below to understand how important the feeling is and how to attain it and keep it to generate what you want. I base these of my personal experiences. I learned to achieve what I need for a better life through this method.

Exercise One: 

Remember how you feel when you walk into the store, you saw something, you really want it?

Do you remember owning that thing at the end?

Do you remember how did you get the money to buy that thing which initially you thought you couldn’t afford?

Do you remember how you felt after you bought that thing? 

Do you remember the reason you wanted that thing? 

Did you talk to yourself or anyone else about what you will do with that thing, where you will display it? [if it’s an ornament for display]

Did you share with someone what you think of that thing, eg, it’s beauty, shape, colour and how it appeals to you? 

Do you remember how you felt as you do all the above?

Describe how you felt, now feel that and listen to it, get familiar with it because that is the feeling you are after.

Exercise Two:

Remember when you hear someone you really want to see is coming to see you or a best friend that you have not seen for a long time that you have been wanting to see is finally coming to see you? 

How did you feel when you hear that news? 

What would you do? 

Do you usually continue to think about that day and continue to feel the excitement? 

Do you have a doubt in your mind this will really happen?

Do you attempt to clean up and prepare for the person to arrive?

When the person finally arrives, how did you feel?

Describe that feeling and hold on to it, get yourself familiar with all those feelings that come after answering each question because that is the feeling you are after.

Exercise Three: 

You saw something online or in a friend’s house, on the TV or in a book. Immediately it took your breath away and you really want it.

Do you remember that feeling when you fell in love with that item at that very moment?

Did you really want to have it?

Did you imagine how it will look in your kitchen, bedroom, launch etc,?

Did you end up having it and how did you get it?

Describe how you felt when you finally got that thing?

Note: If that feeling of wanting, excitement and happiness when you wanted a certain thing comes to you hold on to it and know that is the feeling that generates what you want.
If the feeling was just normal, wanting but not so strong, then most likely you did not get that thing and it’s also a sign you really did not want that thing as much. 

This is not a problem solving time:

This is a moment for you to be with yourself, to connect and to enjoy just being with yourself, getting to know yourself, finding peace in yourself, appreciating yourself, celebrate you and loving yourself.  

Celebrate and acknowledge all the achievements you have accomplished so far, no matter how little it may seem to you and others.

Use this time slot to learn more about caring for yourself first. To be alone with you. It’s only 30 minutes but when you do it three times a day every day, it adds up to a lot of new incredible things and an incredible you. Out of that incredible you will follow many more incredible things that will add to create an incredible life for you and your family.

Remember, you need to be decisive in what you want in your life, how you want to live your life, and the person you want to be.

Good luck in your endeavor to find yourself, the life and the things you want.

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Smart Spark Me Time Procedure: Part Two

Bring Outdoors To Your Life To Thrive

 Turn off all devices.

This part is also vital to completing the plan to serve you better, to achieve our foremost goal for a healthy, easy and less stressful life as busy mums and housewives. 

You must do this at least once a day. (If possible)

You can do this exercise after your task of the day, or whenever suits.

Find a beautiful place outside where you can sit and enjoy nature. Quiet your mind down and do the breathing exercise on smart spark me time procedure Part one. Feel the breeze on your face. Read a book in the breeze. Focus your mind on you to just sit and enjoy fresh air, outside.

We often ignore the outdoors, we are so caught up with what is trending, cachets, movies, magazines that make our mind focus on the wrong things that give us a temporary thrill,  having coffee or lunch with a friend in a close space that we no longer remember nature and missing out on the benefits of the outdoors to our brains, body and mind. 

The outdoors is a free, powerful way to recollect yourself, to be with yourself. To rest your mind from other issues. Cherish this time with yourself. When you give yourself time, you think better, you thrive, you will solve issues without stress and not overreact to problems that need solutions. You will be calm and collective.

 Be with yourself, lose contact with the world, focus on you, talk to yourself about what you need to improve in your health, your wellbeing, your happiness, your success etc, 

Tell Yourself all magnificent things about yourself, enjoy being with that part of you and live it. Be in that magnificent you at this moment as you enjoy the outdoor.

Use this time to benefit you so you can best care for the people you love..

Take a brief walk just to be alone with yourself if you don’t want to sit in the garden. Anything outdoor that doesn’t involve anyone else or anything else. This time is about you. 

These slots of time are for you alone to get to know yourself, to learn more about you and to find the missing part of you.

Use this time to benefit you so you can best care for the people you love..

You can do the breathing exercise here if you need to.

Have a great exceptional day.

Don’t forget to ask any question you may have or just leave a comment below.

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What is Smart Spark Me Time?

Find Your Healthy Complete Self.

Smart Spark Me Time is one part of Smart Spark Living Plan.

My depression taught me so much that I didn’t know and taught me what I needed that I never thought I needed. It opened my eyes to a world within my reach, but I wasn’t aware exist. It’s through a journey of desperation and despair that lead me to discover Smart Spark Living Plan which eventually lead to the discovery of Smart Spark Me Time. 

“Smart Spark Me Time” is a well-designed slot of the day and night for you to relax, to breathe and to reflect on how you have been doing so far. This is where you do something you enjoy, your break time from what you have done so far. 
It’s important not to  overlooked or ignored this moment just because you need to do the laundry or clean the bathroom etc, 

All chores have their own time slot so the time slot for “Me Time”  is very important like any important chores and things you need to do in the day. It’s as important as an appointment to see the doctor.

In our day today life, we are overwhelmed with duties at home and at work these responsibilities have taken over our lives making us forget ourselves and how important it is to look after ourselves at the same time. We women and mothers have learned over time to put everything first before us. Because of this, we are tired, unhappy and confused. Our brain functions are not in order hence many of us suffer some mental illness, mental exhaustion that leads to physical exhaustion, unhappiness and feeling overwhelmed beyond our strength to cope and to understand what we are. Through all these harmful feelings emotionally and physically, we lack the energy to recognised the need to evaluate ourselves and our health, to see beyond of our multiple stack of different unpleasant feelings, which then makes us lack the focus to manage ourselves properly and wisely. 

We have no time for our souls to revive; we have no time for our minds to quiet down to re-focused, no time to calm down our nerves and our bodies. 

We have programmed ourselves to become robots. 

We have engineered our minds to operate by remote controls. Those remote controls are the chores we do every day without a break, the errands we have submitted ourselves to without question. 

Our minds pay attention attentively to those demands without a second thought. 
They call and we obey.

Countless times we ignored our bodies, mind and souls requests and vital needs. 

We have a headache; we pushed it aside because dinner needs to go on the stove; we have period pains we pushed it aside because the kids need a snack and so on and so on; instead of having a 20 minutes’ nap we clean and the cycle goes on day in and day out.

What we are doing to ourselves is abuse, except we are the abusers of ourselves. We have accepted this abuse to go on; we accepted to stand by and watched it happened we allowed it to happen, to destroy us and the very people we believe we love and that all the suffering is for their sake but little did we know, they are suffering along with us, because we are unaware of the impact of our actions on ourselves and on families we can’t see what they see or feel what they’re feeling.  We abandoned our minds so much so to the degrees everything we believed is good and right is in fact wrong and rather destructive. 

Take advantage of Smart Spark Me Time to take back your life, to create a better life, to create a better you that is happy, in peace, focused, living for a good purpose 

“Smart Spark  Me Time” designed and engineered to solve this problem after realizing that it was one reason I fell hard and deep in depression.

 It took months of trial to discover the whole routine and it was only after feeling and living its wonderful outcome that I decided it’s worth sharing with other mothers and women like myself.   

This is your moment to change your life, to improve your physical and mental health. 
This is a precious moment, you must cherish it and make the most of it. 
This twenty to thirty minutes of your life holds the key to your dream of a less stress, more productive and fulfilling life.

You are a pearl in an oyster shell at this moment, protected and safeguard from elements that can cause you harm. You are to shut tight your shell, stay safe in your oyster shell and care for yourself, nourished yourself until you discover your beauty, your strength, your intelligent, your resilience, your love and your power.

Navigate to “Smart Spark Living Procedure” part one and part two to learn how to make this miraculous important part of the Smart Spark Living Routine part of your life and live a full fulfilling, joyful and less stressful life to enjoy with your families and friends and loved ones. 

Start With part one, then part two.

I’m always happy to answer questions. You can find me here or on Instagram and Facebook.

Because of the heavy load of my housewife life duties together with work and the multiple tasks and duties I deal with everyday it may take up to 24 hours for me to get back to you, but here are also days when I can reply faster. It all depends on what task or type of dinner I will do on that day.  

I wish you all the best as you try to adapt to this new routine. 

Follow it to the letter and to be persistence. Be patient and give focus on having it work for you instead of doubting it. Do not let your mind control you and your happiness and well-being. Be the one to control your mind to your advantage. 

You must want, deeply want and feel your need for a change to your life to heal, empower to thrive in good health and happiness before you proceed on with learning the “Me Time” Procedure.

Habits die hard, but it’s not impossible to replace bad habits with good healthy habits.

Good Luck!!


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Smart Spark Living Cleaning Routine Section Two

Part One: Evening Speed Cleaning

 Smart Spark Living evening speed cleaning routine is as vital as all other parts of Smart Spark Living TM cleaning routines. All part of Smart Spark Living cleaning makes one Amazing Miraculous Cleaning Routine that will make your life unbelievably enjoyable and clean stress free.

Remember to recharge with “Smart Spark Charge” before you start if you feel you need it. [Recommended]

Smart Spark Living Evening Speed Cleaning Routine Plan

1. Know when you want to end your day. The end of your day is the moment you no longer have to think about anything else but yourself. Aim at completing everything by this time. 

The end of your day is the beginning of your evening “Spark Me Time”

Once you enter this time frame you are out of the Smart Spark Living mum/wife time. Any chores and everything you needed to do before this time slot must end here. 

2. Put your dinner on the stove or in the oven on low before you start your evening speed cleaning. When you put your dinner on the stove, calculate your dinner time. Put your dinner to cook at the exact time you want it read. 

You can also put your dinner earlier than turn it off halfway, then turn it back on, calculating the time you want it ready by. This way will make your dinner ready on time and fresh. 

You can also opt to start your speed cleaning earlier to allow you time to prepare dinner. 

 Set a start time for your evening speed cleaning to start. Your evening speed cleaning time is maximum one hour, this needs to be key into your phone timer.

Part Two:

  • You’re evening me time is only for you to do anything you want to do before you sleep eg, read a book with a hot drink, watch a movie or something you feel like watching, have a chat with your husband, have romantic time with your husband, etc. 

The Smart Spark Living Evening Routine needs a time set on your timer of one hour [just like the Smart Spark morning routine] add to that one hour [speed cleaning time] 

1. the time you need to get dinner ready, serve dinner, 

2. load the machine after dinner and wash everything you used for dinner preparation.

Follow the “how to keep your kitchen clean while cooking,”  to get this part done faster

3. get your laundry inside, fold and put away. Put a time when you need to have everything completed by including your Smart Spark evening cleaning routine, this is very important.

Your Smart Spark Evening Routine must have an ending time. You can’t leave your smart Spark routine open, ending time is vital to this whole routine. To understand the importance of timing in Smart Spark Routine click here. 

The following is your evening speed cleaning routine to do list.


  • Pick up anything on the floor 
  • adjust any clothes not in the right place or not hanging in the right place
  • Put any books, chargers etc, in place. Nothing should be out of place.
  • Wipe down beside tables and all surfaces, including the window sills.
  • Empty the room rubbish bin
  • Pull the vacuum (if you vacuum once a day ) 
Vacuuming, dusting and emptying the rubbish bins are the key tasks here, unless you skipped the morning speed cleaning, then you can do the entire list.  

Have dusting cloths with you and a big bag for all rubbish you come across in the house during your cleaning.  

The following is your evening speed cleaning routine to do list.


  • Pick up anything on the floor 
  • adjust any clothes not in the right place or not hanging in the right place
  • Put any books, chargers etc, in place. Nothing should be out of place.
  • Wipe down beside tables and all surfaces, including the window sills.
  • Empty the room rubbish bin
  • Pull the vacuum (if you vacuum once a day ) 
Vacuuming, dusting and emptying the rubbish bins are the key tasks here, unless you skipped the morning speed cleaning, then you can do the entire list.  

Have dusting cloths with you and a big bag for all rubbish you come across in the house during your cleaning.  


  • Empty all rubbish bins
  • Mop the floors (If you think it needs mopping)
  • Clean sinks (if you feel it needs to be clean)
  • Rinse down showers (if someone had used it after school or work)
  • Replace toilet tissue rolls (if you need to)
  • Hang out a clean hand-towel for the night
  • Check the drawers and cupboards for anything out of place, put them back in place and adjust anything out of order.