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Discover Your Power

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Many think of power as some kind of superstitions thing that only some movie producer can whip up an entertaining script for the big screen.

Your power is not something mysterious and it’s not the kind of power in your imagination where you touch a pile of any metal and you will turn them into gold as you wish. [Although this is possible but not in this manner]

Think of yourself as extraordinary being: Determine, capable, strong, intelligent, happy, problem solver, optimistic a good leader etc, Think of all the good things you want to be and be in that very moment, don’t delay.

Allow yourself to feel  those characters and qualities in you. See yourself in those qualities, start thinking like one in that very instance. Visualize your strength and yourself in action using those qualities and character.

Keep all the characters and qualities you have chosen for yourself alive all times in your mind or as much as possible.

Once all these characters and qualities get engraved in your mind, you will soon find yourself light and joyful with lots of energy to do the things you want to do and achieved.

Live the new you and let your power emerge and start living your dream life, start living your nice clean organised you are about to work on. Live in your clean home before you even start moving one item.

You must live this characters and qualities and live in your clean, warm, organised home before you do anything until you feel the immense urge to start.

Try not to lose contact with this new you. Hold on to it as much as you can, get back to that new you as soon as you realized you lost grip of it.

Managing to hold on, live, breath, enjoy and celebrate this new you is your power. Your power over your mind, when you live the new you continuously you are winning over your mind. You’re living the new you, the new you made and designed by you, not the one designed by your mind.

The new you is your power. This is all what you need to get the rest of what you want done and flow with ease.

Focus on this and remember to live it everyday until it becomes a real you for as long as you want.

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