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Do it alone

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Keep it quiet, keep it close to your heart

Hold tight to your struggles never let anyone get a glimpse of it

Never trust anyone not even the one with your blood running in their veins

You’re alone, you’re by yourself, forget anyone feels your pain

Forget anyone believes in your story

Forget anyone cares to listen with an open heart

Trust your own self and your heart beyond any breathing soul

Fight your wars alone and you will win a clean win

Fight it with others and they’ll plan your end while your heart is in peace in their company

Be the thunder of your own problems, you be the storm of your own salvation

Your pain is your weapon, your broken heart is your motivation

Your anger is your life line

Your tears is your water supply of life

Be the hero of your own soul

Save no one before yourself

Down comes the mountains

Down comes the rain

Down comes your enemies as you slowly raise your head.
Celebrate your victory, you’ve proven your own strength to yourself

Count on your strength and your intelligence to set you free

People may want to take advantage of you but you know better

you set your limits and never let any one break you down

Down goes everything else but you.