The good and the bad-behind the scene

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Go Behind the scene of the house-wife's daily life.

Go behind the scenes of my daily life. This series is to highlight, to expose, to raise awareness about depression and how it affects people’s lives.

For many, depression is not a big deal. For others, it’s a demonstration of weakness. For the depressed, is hell with no exit.

This series is for those who do not understand what people with depression go through.

And most of all, for those who suffer from depression, namely mums with depression. My hope is for you to stop feeling alone. Stop blaming yourself and stop putting yourself down.

Remember, you are still a mum. Your duties and responsibilities will continue, irrespective of how you feel or how you struggle.

It’s important to think it’s not all bad. I can say that for sure. It takes time to navigate yourself through. However, it’s not impossible, and it’s easy if we really want to know how to get about it.

I’m that person who can’t breathe when a cup is out of place. And yes, I was diagnosed with minor OCD some years ago, after they diagnosed me with perfectionism.

(I give little importance to all these names. They all feel the same)

Years down the road, after having my son, they diagnosed me with postnatal depression. And after my daughter, my postnatal depression got worse.

Life suddenly became a nightmare, but I was still functional with daily home life.

It was years down after my youngest birth they finally diagnosed me with clinical depression and bipolar.

I would say that was the end of me. 

Though I am a little better than, but the struggle is still a daily thing. Especially with the house, the kids’ needs and housework and laundry etc,

So here I will take you with me on my journey (in images) and see if there is anything that we can change or adjust to make our lives a little easier. 
I’ll post my daily progress (if any), struggles and adjustments. 

You can give me your thoughts and share what you have been trying out, or what new changes you have made along with any progresses etc,.

Click on house-wife daily to check out posts from this series.

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