When was the last time you changed your dirty sheets?

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Bed Linen blog post

So when was the last time you washed your dirty sheets or changed your linen?

I haven’t come across lots of conversation about his topic. However, I wrote this same piece on a blogging site and the responses were hilarious and others? While, I’ll leave that to your imagination.

I don’t think this is a controversial topic. Perhaps funny, but definitely not sexy.

So, how often do you change your beddings?

Let me remind you, this blog is for mums with depression, as these mums operate differently. 

How do you, as a mum with depression, deal with such important chores that involve hygiene and your family health?

Most mums without depression would put out their honest answers to many questions like this one. For us mums with depression, because we feel deficient in our duties and responsibilities because of depression, we are keen to stay away from such topics.

It’s one reason I wanted to make a blog only for mums with depression.

Have you answered the question?

In my case, I changed our linen after every sleep. You might wonder why not every three days why I use them after every three sleeps.

Counting by the number of sleeps is a lot easier for me and very accurate. I trust this way will not surprise me at bedtime; I forgot to change the sheets.

Why every three sleeps?

I hear you asking, why the hell do I go through all the trouble like a crazy woman to change my sheet after every sleep?

I don’t have an answer as how did I started out with this habit.

What I can tell you, though, is that I can’t sleep under sheets after three sleeps. I am addicted to the smell of fresh linen, and the crispiness of fresh linen helps me fall asleep. 

The game changing.

Over time, of changing sheets after every three sleeps, my skin somehow became sensitive and itchy with sheets older than three days. I could not afford to forget to change the sheets.

From here, if I forget to change the linen and I couldn’t do it at bedtime because I’m exhausted. I will not sleep the whole night. Ill spent the night turning and tossing. It reached a point where I will have to wake up my husband at 2am so I can change the sheets.

From this point on, I never forget to change our sheets after every sleep.

This was before I got depressed. After I got depressed, I could sleep on the same sheets for a week with no problem at all. I try to stick to once a week, but if I really am rock bottom, I woundn’t care, let alone thinking about how long I haven’t changed the sheets.

That’s it for now.

Next post I will cover why should we change our linen often. 

Thank you for coming around. You can visit my YouTube channel made about motivations for mums with depression. Or have a look around for some laundry, kitchen cleaning and messy places on here to give you some needed motivations to get you through your day. 




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