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How To Generate Good Feelings.

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Feeling good makes things happen. The connection between your mind and how you feel is powerful in achieving a peaceful life. Quiet your mind down, do the breathing exercise and think about what you have been missing out on and how to get yourself back up there. Start by seeing yourself up there in your mind. Visualise yourself in what you want. See yourself achieving it, owning it, living it, being it, let the feeling of being in that place rush through your body. Allow it to be in your body as long as it want to stay, feel it, have it locked into your mind. It’s important you hold on to that feeling, feel it in your heart and soul. Hold on to that feeling whiles you continue to see yourself owning what you want with your life as if you are already living in it. [this is the most important part of holding on to it].

To want without the feeling won’t give you what you want. 

You must feel it

Understanding how to generate and hold on to the good feeling:

Visualisation brings on the feeling, that feeling is the most important part.

Answer the questions below to understand how important the feeling is and how to attain it and keep it to generate what you want. I base these of my personal experiences. I learned to achieve what I need for a better life through this method.

Exercise One: 

Remember how you feel when you walk into the store, you saw something, you really want it?

Do you remember owning that thing at the end?

Do you remember how did you get the money to buy that thing which initially you thought you couldn’t afford?

Do you remember how you felt after you bought that thing? 

Do you remember the reason you wanted that thing? 

Did you talk to yourself or anyone else about what you will do with that thing, where you will display it? [if it’s an ornament for display]

Did you share with someone what you think of that thing, eg, it’s beauty, shape, colour and how it appeals to you? 

Do you remember how you felt as you do all the above?

Describe how you felt, now feel that and listen to it, get familiar with it because that is the feeling you are after.

Exercise Two:

Remember when you hear someone you really want to see is coming to see you or a best friend that you have not seen for a long time that you have been wanting to see is finally coming to see you? 

How did you feel when you hear that news? 

What would you do? 

Do you usually continue to think about that day and continue to feel the excitement? 

Do you have a doubt in your mind this will really happen?

Do you attempt to clean up and prepare for the person to arrive?

When the person finally arrives, how did you feel?

Describe that feeling and hold on to it, get yourself familiar with all those feelings that come after answering each question because that is the feeling you are after.

Exercise Three: 

You saw something online or in a friend’s house, on the TV or in a book. Immediately it took your breath away and you really want it.

Do you remember that feeling when you fell in love with that item at that very moment?

Did you really want to have it?

Did you imagine how it will look in your kitchen, bedroom, launch etc,?

Did you end up having it and how did you get it?

Describe how you felt when you finally got that thing?

Note: If that feeling of wanting, excitement and happiness when you wanted a certain thing comes to you hold on to it and know that is the feeling that generates what you want.
If the feeling was just normal, wanting but not so strong, then most likely you did not get that thing and it’s also a sign you really did not want that thing as much. 

This is not a problem solving time:

This is a moment for you to be with yourself, to connect and to enjoy just being with yourself, getting to know yourself, finding peace in yourself, appreciating yourself, celebrate you and loving yourself.  

Celebrate and acknowledge all the achievements you have accomplished so far, no matter how little it may seem to you and others.

Use this time slot to learn more about caring for yourself first. To be alone with you. It’s only 30 minutes but when you do it three times a day every day, it adds up to a lot of new incredible things and an incredible you. Out of that incredible you will follow many more incredible things that will add to create an incredible life for you and your family.

Remember, you need to be decisive in what you want in your life, how you want to live your life, and the person you want to be.

Good luck in your endeavor to find yourself, the life and the things you want.