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simple pantry organization
simple pantry organization

If you prefer to watch the slide show with subtitles click on the image above.

Day #2 of kitchen deep cleaning I focused on

  • the pantry
  • dishes cupboard
  • remaining of cupboard doors from the day before.

I decided to swap the the pantry and dishes cupboard around. The dishes cupboard was already organised the day before but I did it again as I needed to move pantry content closer to the stove plus I needed a change in these areas.

This job is straight forward except for few things that can make this process a little easier and less clutter on your bench or kitchen bench.

  1. If you want to put things back to the same shelf or cupboard, empty only that shelf wipe it down then put back the things you got out of that shelf or cupboard. Don’t take the whole cupboard out or all the shelves out unless you want to rearrange the all the shelves shifting contents around in different spots.

I started with the new pantry removing all the contents of this cupboard since the whole cupboard will have completely different contents.

One I finished removing plates and wiped down the cupboard, I then start wiping down items as I put them to where I want them to go one by one.

Once I was done with the pantry I moved on to the new dishes cupboard. This cupboard is already empty, all contents are not in the new pantry so now all I need to do is to wipe it down. starting with the top then down to the sides then to the bottom. Once this was done I then arrange the plates, and glasses the way I wanted.

Before starting the kitchen deep cleaning day #2 we had dinner and all plates and platters  from the dinner were still sitting on the bench i have not done them yet, I left them for last after the deep cleaning. so after the pantry and the cupboard was done I then started the usual after dinner clean up.

Lastly I started on the cupboard doors left from the day before cleaning. Two more cupboard doors to go and I felt like I just want to have a shower and throw myself in my bed. I started to feel my darling “procrastination” playing with my tired feelings. I hesitated,scratching my head wiping my sweat, heaving then finally decided to just follow the plan. By this time I was exhausted, mind you I had a blog to write during the day, laundry, work and a little bit of gardening all after the morning speed cleaning.

Here is the worst part: I still have the evening speed cleaning to do which, I needed to clean the toilets and the bathrooms and also pull the vacuum on two floor including stairs and the bottom floor entry and stairs going up to the second floor .Anyway I proceeded to clean the cupboard doors and finish up the rest of the evening speed cleaning. only then I was free for the night.

Hopefully you will find this post useful to your daily journey at home.

As always, feel free to leave me your thoughts or a question at the comment area. xx


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