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Motivational Videos

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Clean Kitchen Before Bed Challenge: 

Motivational videos you will find here are a selection of my tiktok videos. They are short films of my daily chores that can motivate and inspire. They can be from washing a pile of dishes, cleaning a gigantic mess in the kitchen or cleaning the bathroom, etc.

Most of us struggle with the kitchen, it’s always the biggest problem and struggle for most mums. I find cleaning the kitchen before bed a happy inducer in the morning. I also known for a fact, it’s a day wrecker.  

When you are someone with depression, your mood for that day decides by the kitchen alone. Making these videos is not about sharing my challenge or showing what I can do. In fact, it’s the opposite. Im encourage by these videos to do the things I do on the videos not because I am in the business of making videos or writing a blog or I want to be a celebrity. 

It’s when I know other mums like myself are watching these videos which encouraged me to do the things I do (not just cleaning) It opens the door to share experience, to find another like myself who understands me from the same perspective as I would someone else in the same closet. It makes me feel someone is enjoying these videos for a reason, and I can deliver, and whiles I strive to deliver, I am also improving myself in the fields that need my attention. 

Do enjoy and leave me a feedback in the comments. Follow me on tiktok to continue the conversation and share uplifting talks, funny talks and vent, of course 🙂

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