One Task A Day Keep Stress, clutter and dirt away

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Task Of The Day Routine

Task a day is one of the most important part of the perfect house-wife smart spark cleaning routine.

The three sub-routine ties together to make the one perfect miracle routine that will make your life smooth and easy with lots of time in your hands to rest or to do anything you want to do.

I will add at the end of this article some important points about smart spark cleaning Task Of The Day. How is it beneficial and efficient?  

Pick a room, then pick a task

Pick a room that needs your attention. Now, what is it you wanted to do or clean in that room?

Here’s an example list:

  1. Clean windows and window sills
  2. Clean the walls
  3. Clean under and behind furnitures. 
  4. Organise and declutter drawers
  5. Organise and declutter wardrobe
  6. General declutter
  7. Dusting
  8. Remove curtains for wash 
  9. organise book shelf
  10. Dust surfaces and knick-knacks.

How long should it take to finish one room?

The time that will take you to finish a room will depend on:

  1. it’s size.
  2. The size and numbers of drawers.
  3. The size of the wardrobe and its contents.
  4. The size of the windows.
  5. The number of furnitures.
  6. The size of the walls and floor etc,. 

To make this easy, let’s break it down.


One complete task a day.

This is crucial to successfully achieving your goal. You must complete one task you have chosen. Completing over one task a day will be a huge success. 

Though this must be part of your plan from the start. You shouldn’t feel any pressure to complete over one task.

However, if you feel comfortable and in great spirit to do as much as you “can” then no harm in doing so.

No matter what task you choose, you must complete one task. There are no two ways about it. 


Set a timer.

Timer is a house-wife and mum with depression’s best friend.

My memory gave way after I suffer depression, especially short memory. I put something down, next minute I can’t remember where I put it. 

While the timer does not remind me where I put my cup of coffee, it reminds me of the next task; it keeps me focus and keeps me on track.

Timer also makes things faster. If you don’t set a timer, you will spend all your time on social media, or chatting with a friend and forgot you are on a mission. Perhaps you’ll want to share your new adventure on TikTok or Instagram.

Next you’re stuck on your phone checking comments and likes. Before you know it, you’re out of time. It’s now time to cook dinner and you’re nowhere near half the task.

Before you start on your task, set your timer. A good time to start with is 1 hour. Here you need to challenge that one hour. Don’t aim to finish at the last second of the one hour. Instead, aim at finishing before the end of the one hour.

If you finish before the one hour. Assess yourself. Can you start another task or you would like to take a break and continue the next day? That’s all up to you. Your mental and physical state are important to be considered before you decide here.

If you run out of time, reset the time between 10-30 minutes. Don’t set a very long time. That would be the equivalent of no timer. Try to finish up before this round. Every time you run out of time, reset the timer and always use the timer. 

Your goal.

Above, I mentioned how long should it take for you to finish a room. It will depend on the size of the room etc,. 

However, remember the longer you drag on the longer it will take to complete the task, resulting in falling back. Procrastination and quit all together.

The motivation is from your everyday success, but the bigger motivation is when that room is done. When you stand with your hands on your side, looking at what you have achieved. You will feel a sense of pride and joy. That is what you need to continue.

So your goal is to finish the entire room by Thursday.
You will need to be honest with yourself regarding the size of the room. If the room is small, aim for one day. A day is 24 hours. I don’t mean 24 hours; I mean day by what it’s called. Monday, Tuesday etc,. 

Remember, we are using a time. You will not set your timer to 24 hours.

Why smart spark cleaning Task Of The Day?

  • choosing a room

This will help you stay focus. This is perfect for those with ADHD. It’s also perfect for depressed mums like me. Choosing a room is also discipline, it will prevent you from confusion.

I know from experiences when I’m sick and unable to do anything for days, by the time I get better, the mess is overwhelming. But when you choose a room, you know you are on track. You know exactly what you need to do, and where you need to continue from where you stopped last time.

  • What would you prefer?

Would you rather have one room with clean windows? While everything else is not? One room with clean drawers but everything else are not.

Or would you rather have a whole room clean from top to bottom that takes your breath away when you entered? Nothing out of place and uncleaned, your airways are open and relaxed.

Focus on one room at a time will for sure help you stay clear-headed about what you need to do right to get your home in order. 

  • Why choose one task a day?

Remember, one task a day is the minimum, but you can choose as many as you can according to your mental and physical health and ability.

You must do nothing against your body and mind’s strength. It’s against the law of health. I know some of us have a determination power that beats all the odds.

I am one of those. No matter how sick or tired I am if I really want to do something, have my mind focus on it. It will be done! Even if that means struggle.

It’s all in the mind and it’s power to control. We can help the mind get us through some task, as we can help the mind put us down and strip us of our strength and willpower.

I will make a post to cover mind control.

Like choosing a room. Choosing a task will do exactly the same thing. It will play the exact role of choosing a room. 

You could waste the day, months and years wondering where to start, or you could start now, with a plan that works, a plan that will guide you through. 

It’s starting somewhere which is important. It doesn’t matter how long it will take, but you’re on to it.

You could sit there one week after the other. Stressed and depressed about the condition of things in your home. Or you could start on the plan and change each depressed day to a good day.  

With the smart spark, cleaning one task a day. You will have your home as you wish, revealing in front of your eyes slowly, slowly. Stress free! 

Up coming post to look out for;

Is how to clean and declutter a huge mess 

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