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Smart Spark Living Cleaning Routine Section One

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Step One: Wake Up Early

For many of us, waking up early is unwanted and unimportant. The problem many are not aware of: waking up late eats up all your day. The 2-3 extra hours you sleep it to waste is enough to get you start your day early. get most of your routine done in return it will give you more time for yourself in the day to run errands and to rest. Another great reward of waking up early is the early night it you will get from this early waking up. 

You will finish your day early allowing you more time for yourself in the evening.

you will also fall asleep easier and faster in return you will wake up fresh and energetic.


Step Two: Me Morning Time

You need minimum 15 minutes for this .

First thing first after you wake up you need to be the new you in case you have forgotten.

Very Important!!!

If you have forgotten go to the link here to refresh the new you.

Remember to stay in the new you all day.

Once you’re ready to start your day, make yourself a hot drink and breakfast. Have your breakfast but if you’re not a breakfast person, you can just enjoy your drink.
This time is for you to relax and prepare for your day. NO ELECTRONICS NO DISTRACTIONS!!

If you can get outside to have your breakfast and your drink outside that would be the best. Try to get outside if you can. 

Remember the characters and the qualities you chose for yourself?
Remember you are the new you, you must live it everyday, at the beginning you will often forget but once you get the hang of it you will thrive. 

Enjoy the smell of the fresh morning mist, visits your flowers listen to the birds marvel at the beauty of the sky etc. This is a moment for you to clear your mind, to mentally prepare for your day. Once you are prepared mentally you will automatically be ready physically your mind has all the power to control every bit of you. focus on your mind and your body and heart will follow suit.