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  • A heart breaking True Story that speaks for the reality and the effect love has in a child's life. The consequences of our actions as adults and parents is dramatic and not only it affect a child, but the future generation and parents themselves as they get older
    Full Access To " Mending A Broken Woman" Every time a new page is added. The True Story Of Injustice, abuse, emotional abandonment. A lesson for all parents to learn about the damage of child abuse of every level can do to a child in the long run. A woman's struggle with her past that lead her to depression, and a heartbreaking painful fight to save her marriage. To stay on top of the parenthood game and the mind game that evenly see her through her pain, self destruction and an unexpected survival with her faith in God.
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    They say: Depression is in your head, off course it's in your head. It's in your brain the most vital part of our bodies that determined death and life. One with a heart beat without a brain dead condition is pronounced dead. Living with depression is battling life while you living life, you fight to live like others be what you use to be do what makes you human because with depression you are nothing but an empty shell.