Show your dirty vacuum cleaner some love

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Your vacuum cleaner needs some love. After all the poor thing has spent some months or even years serving you.

Nothing is the same from the moment we start to feel the effect of depression in our minds and body. All the energy we once took for granted sucked out of us.

Having said that. We do have to understand. At least still be aware at the back of our heads, there are things we must do at some point.

To be fair though, even people who are not depressed, don’t clean their vacuum cleaners as often as it should. 

Let’s say this is just a reminder, because our memories also died away with depression. 


When you should clean your vacuum cleaner.

Your vacuum cleaner has a mind of it’s own. It does talk to you to let you know it needs a wash. Once you smell that nasty smell, you know it’s time to give your darling and bath.

Better still, you could wash your vacuum, before that terrible smell fills the air of your home.

Some would stick with changing the canister once full. This might be okay if you’re under the black cloud. 

A better practice is to change your vacuum canister just before it starts to smell. You will know your vacuum is one day away from a wash by experience. You just count how many days it takes for your vacuum to need a clean.  You can do this by remembering when was the last time you washed the vacuum. Count how many days it has been, since you last washed it and you have it.

The best time to clean your vacuum.

The best time to clean your vacuum is at night. This way, you allow the vacuum to dry over night before the next day. So you don’t have to worry about needing the vacuum but it’s wet. while you can dry with an old towel, your filter can not be dried with a towel.

Don’t put the filter in the drier. Doing so can shrink the filter and will no longer fit in it’s compartment. Always air dry the filter. You can hang it on the washing line on a sunny day. Secure it with a peg. It will leave marks where the peg held the filter but it won’t affect the filter, in any way.

How to start the cleaning process

  • The first thing you need to do is to empty the canister.
  • Open the filter compartment and remove the filter from it’s place.

There are two things you could do here. The filter will be filled with dirt and dust. You will need to be careful not to breath the dust.

  • Put the dirty filter in a bucket of water with little detergent, to stop the dust from flying to your face. Now wash the filter in the bucket of water. 

You don’t have to wash the filter until it’s clean in the bucket. Its just to protect you from the dust. Tip the dirty water from the bucket in the drain.


  • Take the canister and all it’s parts with the filter to the laundry sink.
  • Put them under the running tap, loosen any dirt from the canister parts by running the water on it.
  • Take your cleaning cloth and clean the canister with it, with some detergent.
  • Once you’re done cleaning the canister, shake off any excess water and put it aside.
  • Take the filter, squeze on it some detergent. work the detergent into the filter until you see the filter is covered in suds.
  • Gently wash the filter under running water, by rinsing and squeezing the filter repeatedly, until the water runs clear of any dirt.
You may add some more detergent if you need to. Repeat the rinsing and squeezing process until you are satisfied with the cleanliness of your filter. Be careful you overdo it and rip the filter. Do it gently, it doesn’t need a harsh clean.
Take the canister and all it’s parts, put them face down on an old towel until the next morning. Put the filter on top of a dry surface away from any water. 

They should dried by the next day. you can now put your clean vacuum back together and enjoy a fresh scent of the detergent you used filling the air. 

And there you have it 🙂

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