Smart Spark Morning Speed Cleaning Routine

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Smart Spark Living Morning Speed Cleaning Routine

Assuming you did your morning wellbeing routine and done with. Now your morning speed cleaning routine kicks off.


Start on the kids’ lunches and breakfast before you wake them up.


Now, once you’re done with the lunches and breakfast, start waking the kids up. If the kids are young and need you to get them ready, then do so. If the kids get themselves ready, then let them.


While the kids are dressing up, pop to the laundry and change the load in the washing machine. Once you turned on the machine, set the laundry timer on your phone. (I’ll cover the use of the timer in another post).


Back to the kids and check on them. Once the kids are ready, get them to pack their lunches in their bags if you didn’t do it when you did the lunches. (recommended) 


While the kids are having their breakfast, start making the kids’ beds and do the list on the “what to do post” while you cleaning keep an ear out for the kids in case they need you for something or you need to referee some siblings morning Pickering.


Once the kids are out the door, time for you to take a break to catch your breath. Have a 10 to 15 minutes rest.


Now decide where you want to start your cleaning from, pick up from where you stopped before the kids left, if you wish. This is up to you to choose what is an easier order.

Once you decide where you want to start, set your timer for the speed cleaning.

Set your timer to an hour on your first day on the routine. 

Continue on “what to do”

The timer post will guide you on the use of the timer.

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