Smart Spark Evening cleaning routine

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Smart Park Evening Cleaning routine.

Smart Spark evening cleaning routine is a really amazing routine.

You can start your smart spark evening routine anytime that suits you. having an ending time will help  guide you to a good starting time based on your daily activities. 


What to do

  •  Vacuum

Vacuum the bedrooms including under the beds if the vacuum can go under the bed without the need to move the beds. Vacuum the lounge and the hall-ways. 


  • Bathroom 
  1. spray the shower with your cleaning spray, let it sits. come back to it and rinse it down after the clean the bathroom. This should be the last thing you do.
  2. Clean the bathroom vanity as you usually do.
  3. Broom and mop the floors.
  4. Clean the toilet.
  5. Clean around the toilet seat. 
  6. Empty the rubbish and change the rubbish bags.
  7. Change hand towels
  8. Replace the toilet roll if it needs to.
  9. Broom and mop the floors.
  10. Change floor rugs if they are wet or you have young children who use the toilet at home all day.
  • Fold the laundry
  1. Fold your laundry if they are drying on the line. 
  2. Put the laundry away without delays. Check out laundry made easy for more about laundry folding.
  • Dusting 
  1. Wipe down all bedside tables. Do this after you vacuum each room. – Wiping down these table are important, because they are right next to our heads when we sleep. Wiping them down every evening will prevent us from breathing the dust.
  • Lounge 
  1. Have a round in the lounge. 
  2. Adjust the cushions.
  3. Pick up any toys or anything that is not in place and put them where they go. 
  4. Adjust the furniture’s
  5. Wipe the coffee table of any cup-marks and dust.
  6. Empty the rubbish
  7. change the bag if it need to. 

Do these before you vacuum the lounge.


  • Fridge
  1. Check the fridge for anything that has been place in their by the kids that does not belong in the fridge
  2. Check for empty packets
  3.  check for empty bottles.
  4. wipe down any marks on the shelves and door compartments.
  5. Remove any bitten the fruits the kids have put in the fridge 
  6. Put bitten fruits in a seal back and put them back in the fridge, if you plan to give it to the kids next time they ask. or you plan to use it in baking or cooking. If not, put in the compost or trash.
  7. Arrange the fridge if things are out of place.
  8. Close the fridge and wipe the fridge from outside.


  • Kitchen
  1. Wash the dinner dishes, if you hand wash if not rinse and load the dishwasher.
  2. Wash all the pots and pans you used to cook dinner.
  3. Wipe down the stove and the oven.
  4. wipe down the cupboard doors.
  5. Have a quick look in the pantry to make sure everything is in place where they should be.
  6.  Have a quick look in the cupboard of the pots and pans, correct anything out of place.
  7. Have a quick peak into the under sink cupboard and adjust any bottles and jars not in place.
  8. wipe down the cupboard doors.
  9. Empty the trash and change the rubbish bag. 
  10. Tie up your rubbish bag and straight out to where you usually put your rubbish.
  11. Mop the floors. 

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