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What is Smart Spark Me Time?

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Find Your Healthy Complete Self.

Smart Spark Me Time is one part of Smart Spark Living Plan.

My depression taught me so much that I didn’t know and taught me what I needed that I never thought I needed. It opened my eyes to a world within my reach, but I wasn’t aware exist. It’s through a journey of desperation and despair that lead me to discover Smart Spark Living Plan which eventually lead to the discovery of Smart Spark Me Time. 

“Smart Spark Me Time” is a well-designed slot of the day and night for you to relax, to breathe and to reflect on how you have been doing so far. This is where you do something you enjoy, your break time from what you have done so far. 
It’s important not to  overlooked or ignored this moment just because you need to do the laundry or clean the bathroom etc, 

All chores have their own time slot so the time slot for “Me Time”  is very important like any important chores and things you need to do in the day. It’s as important as an appointment to see the doctor.

In our day today life, we are overwhelmed with duties at home and at work these responsibilities have taken over our lives making us forget ourselves and how important it is to look after ourselves at the same time. We women and mothers have learned over time to put everything first before us. Because of this, we are tired, unhappy and confused. Our brain functions are not in order hence many of us suffer some mental illness, mental exhaustion that leads to physical exhaustion, unhappiness and feeling overwhelmed beyond our strength to cope and to understand what we are. Through all these harmful feelings emotionally and physically, we lack the energy to recognised the need to evaluate ourselves and our health, to see beyond of our multiple stack of different unpleasant feelings, which then makes us lack the focus to manage ourselves properly and wisely. 

We have no time for our souls to revive; we have no time for our minds to quiet down to re-focused, no time to calm down our nerves and our bodies. 

We have programmed ourselves to become robots. 

We have engineered our minds to operate by remote controls. Those remote controls are the chores we do every day without a break, the errands we have submitted ourselves to without question. 

Our minds pay attention attentively to those demands without a second thought. 
They call and we obey.

Countless times we ignored our bodies, mind and souls requests and vital needs. 

We have a headache; we pushed it aside because dinner needs to go on the stove; we have period pains we pushed it aside because the kids need a snack and so on and so on; instead of having a 20 minutes’ nap we clean and the cycle goes on day in and day out.

What we are doing to ourselves is abuse, except we are the abusers of ourselves. We have accepted this abuse to go on; we accepted to stand by and watched it happened we allowed it to happen, to destroy us and the very people we believe we love and that all the suffering is for their sake but little did we know, they are suffering along with us, because we are unaware of the impact of our actions on ourselves and on families we can’t see what they see or feel what they’re feeling.  We abandoned our minds so much so to the degrees everything we believed is good and right is in fact wrong and rather destructive. 

Take advantage of Smart Spark Me Time to take back your life, to create a better life, to create a better you that is happy, in peace, focused, living for a good purpose 

“Smart Spark  Me Time” designed and engineered to solve this problem after realizing that it was one reason I fell hard and deep in depression.

 It took months of trial to discover the whole routine and it was only after feeling and living its wonderful outcome that I decided it’s worth sharing with other mothers and women like myself.   

This is your moment to change your life, to improve your physical and mental health. 
This is a precious moment, you must cherish it and make the most of it. 
This twenty to thirty minutes of your life holds the key to your dream of a less stress, more productive and fulfilling life.

You are a pearl in an oyster shell at this moment, protected and safeguard from elements that can cause you harm. You are to shut tight your shell, stay safe in your oyster shell and care for yourself, nourished yourself until you discover your beauty, your strength, your intelligent, your resilience, your love and your power.

Navigate to “Smart Spark Living Procedure” part one and part two to learn how to make this miraculous important part of the Smart Spark Living Routine part of your life and live a full fulfilling, joyful and less stressful life to enjoy with your families and friends and loved ones. 

Start With part one, then part two.

I’m always happy to answer questions. You can find me here or on Instagram and Facebook.

Because of the heavy load of my housewife life duties together with work and the multiple tasks and duties I deal with everyday it may take up to 24 hours for me to get back to you, but here are also days when I can reply faster. It all depends on what task or type of dinner I will do on that day.  

I wish you all the best as you try to adapt to this new routine. 

Follow it to the letter and to be persistence. Be patient and give focus on having it work for you instead of doubting it. Do not let your mind control you and your happiness and well-being. Be the one to control your mind to your advantage. 

You must want, deeply want and feel your need for a change to your life to heal, empower to thrive in good health and happiness before you proceed on with learning the “Me Time” Procedure.

Habits die hard, but it’s not impossible to replace bad habits with good healthy habits.

Good Luck!!