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Clean Kitchen Before Bed Challenge # 1

Clean kitchen before bed! uh sounds good alright? Sounds easy too, does it not? Especially if you are living alone or you have a housemaid.

But, what if you are a mother with a house of kids, teens who eat constantly? People who just don’t see things the way you see it and just don’t bother by a kitchen loaded with dirty plates from one end of the counter to the other end. Without a doubt there are many of us out there who just can’t keep up with the kitchen issue and just can’t breathe when the kitchen gets messy. 

I’m extremely sensitive to messy kitchen especially in the morning. A clean kitchen before bed can make or destroy my day.

Mornings especially are important times for me. I want to wake up to a sleek, clean kitchen. It works wonders for my day; it lifts my spirit. 

I can feel my heart in peace, my breathing slow and well balanced, when I entered the kitchen in the morning to find it nice and clean.

Leaving a clean kitchen before I go to bed is an important part of my life. 

So, it’s for this reason I did the clean kitchen before bed challenge. However, I can only do the challenge when I’m mentally okay, the days where I am not in a good mental state, I will try but I won’t force myself to do it. 

Do you think you can take on the challenge? Give it a go, see how it goes. 

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