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Norwex Kitchen Cloth Honest Detailed Review

norwex kitchen cloth honest and detailed review

I tried this kitchen cloth for over a week and here is my honest and detailed review on this chemical free cloth.

If I am to given the opportunity to try out something and write a review I will make it true to my personal findings and detailed as much as I can. 

You can count on my reviews, however bare in mind we all have different opinion of things as you see in many reviews. 

Company Claims:
  • This kitchen cloth is microfiber : It looks like it to me
  • Uses only water with no need for any cleaning agent to do the job :

I’ll give it 99% on this feature although I have only used the cloth for just over a week it did clean for me what I used it for in  that period of time with water only. 

  • Super Absorbent:

I’ll give this claim 97% 

I’m impressed with this feature,as we all have experienced with all other microfiber cloths or any other kitchen cloth that  spreads the water around instead of absorbing the water even if you rinse the cloth then wring before you dry with again,it won’t do a good absorbing job as this kitchen cloth, once the standard microfiber is wet, it can no longer dry anything.  So this is one great thing about his Norwex kitchen cloth that I like.

  • Designed to wipe down all benches and surfaces with water only without the need for any chemical cleaner.

I’ll give this claim 99%

This was a really good feature this cloth can clean benches and surfaces, appliances, fridge etc, with no chemicals, just water. A real chemical free cleaner for the environmentally friendly mind. I was blown away with how this cloth cleans everyday kitchen area dirt without chemical but just water with no problem at all. This is a winner feature.

Important Note On This Feature: This does not apply to cleaning your oven or your rusty whatever that hasn’t been cleaned for god knows how long. However it helps when you spray your oven with your usual oven cleaner as you would usually do then wipe with this kitchen cloth [as I did] it picks up lots more than a standard cloth would with your standard Chemical filled cleaner 🙂

  • It can pick up crumbs, dirt even sticky mess like jam etc, all with just water.

Ill give this claim 99% 

This cloth does actually clean sticky mess and grease. In some cases where there is thick layer of grease that has dried up, you might need to be patient,  and make sure your cloth is really wet but not dripping depending on the amount of grease you dealing with but the result I got was great. It does really clean grease.

  • Picks up 99% of bacteria

This claim is something no one really knows but the company itself. I have no way of confirming this claim. it’s up to each individual to decide the value of this claim. But don’t worry I have found for you some links that will help you sleep off this worry easier. This seem to be a legit lab experiment, what do you think? Click here . Is is tons of reviews and experiments on this products that can help make a decision on weather or not you should buy norwex products. but I think If you have a lab of your own then your all good to put on your coat and go to work. [don’t forget to share your findings with us] 

  • Bonus Feature:Baclock agent

I really don’t know anything about his complicated sounding agent. This agent is just a “trade name” It’s basically a real silver /micro silver in the cloth.

Silver alone is anti bacteria.  keep reading :).

The micro silver according to the company self- cleanses the cloth within 24 hours to help drastically reduce, mold, fungi, and bacterial odour keeping your cloth cleaner and fresher.

I will give 97% for this claim.

After 3 days of use there was a strange smell from the cloth but not a bad smell just a very light unusual smell. which goes away as you rinse your cloth and as you wash in the machine. However it’s not something to worry about as the smell might just be a normal smell of the cloth and has nothing to do with dirt, and the smell went away itself after few days. [considering the company claim of removing bacteria and removing any bad smell]

 Remember how your kitchen cloths and towels has an awful smell that when you wipe down surfaces it spread the smell all over where the cloth touches and slimy?  And even a wash in the machine does not sort the problem, they come out smelling exactly the same as when you put it in the machine. This cloth does a fantastic job of getting rid of that pain.  

I used the kitchen cloth for just over a week with no other cloth but this one cloth and I washed it only once in the machine. I washed it with my usual kitchen towels that I use to dry my hands[not for general use] I was amazed by how it lasted for a week with no disgusting smell. I washed the cloth in the machine after one week. 

  • Two Years Warranty
  • After all the good things this cloth offer the company went further to give their customers this two years warranty. This is one huge bonus if you ask me. Do you remember ever buying a cloth that comes with a two year warranty? I don’t know about you but no me for sure. With this warranty I can feel comfortable knowing if I put money on this cloth not only I will save money on the long run but I am absolutely sure and confident my cloth will last two years and if something happens to it the company will not let me down and fix the issue. 

My Final Decision: 

The cloth is quiet pricey at $25.99 NZD but if you ask me if I will buy it again the answer is YES.

I also calculated the cost and I will save a lot on chemicals and cleaning agents.

They come in different colors so I will buy one for the dishes and one for general cleaning in the kitchen in two different colors to identify their uses.

The warranty is really something I love the most about this cloth it gives me a peace of mind when I buy knowing I am not throwing my money away on some cloth that looks like just any cloth but that I am actually putting my money on something to keep my home clean easily, cheap and most of all Chemical Free!!! 

As for the antipaterial thing. I am not using the cloth depending on the antibacterial claim to provide as it promises but it’s the  efficiency of the cloth in cleaning with no harsh chemicals that drawers me to it.  I am not a fan of chemicals as I often feel the mist in my nose and throat every single time i spray a bottle or can. 

So this cloth I will use it to clean my kitchen but still spray the kitchen with home made antibacterial solution to provide me comfort although I really don’t  want to live in a glass house [bacteria free]

Bacteria will always exist they have an important role in building our immune system especially children. So to try and kill 100% of bacteria is not only impossible but crazy to think of how important it is in building our immune system.

So there you have it my overall grade for this cloth is  97% for it’s cleaning powers with water only.

As for the bacteria thing that is not my concern as I still spray with home made antibacterial solution.

I was lucky to get this one for free to try but I will have to buy from now on if I want some again, which I will. 

I have ordered a different  cloth to try out and I will write a review on that cloth once I try it out. Keep an eye out on Instagram or your email notification when I will announce the review for the next cloth I try.