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Smart Spark Me Time Procedure: Part Two

Bring Outdoors To Your Life To Thrive

 Turn off all devices.

This part is also vital to completing the plan to serve you better, to achieve our foremost goal for a healthy, easy and less stressful life as busy mums and housewives. 

You must do this at least once a day. (If possible)

You can do this exercise after your task of the day, or whenever suits.

Find a beautiful place outside where you can sit and enjoy nature. Quiet your mind down and do the breathing exercise on smart spark me time procedure Part one. Feel the breeze on your face. Read a book in the breeze. Focus your mind on you to just sit and enjoy fresh air, outside.

We often ignore the outdoors, we are so caught up with what is trending, cachets, movies, magazines that make our mind focus on the wrong things that give us a temporary thrill,  having coffee or lunch with a friend in a close space that we no longer remember nature and missing out on the benefits of the outdoors to our brains, body and mind. 

The outdoors is a free, powerful way to recollect yourself, to be with yourself. To rest your mind from other issues. Cherish this time with yourself. When you give yourself time, you think better, you thrive, you will solve issues without stress and not overreact to problems that need solutions. You will be calm and collective.

 Be with yourself, lose contact with the world, focus on you, talk to yourself about what you need to improve in your health, your wellbeing, your happiness, your success etc, 

Tell Yourself all magnificent things about yourself, enjoy being with that part of you and live it. Be in that magnificent you at this moment as you enjoy the outdoor.

Use this time to benefit you so you can best care for the people you love..

Take a brief walk just to be alone with yourself if you don’t want to sit in the garden. Anything outdoor that doesn’t involve anyone else or anything else. This time is about you. 

These slots of time are for you alone to get to know yourself, to learn more about you and to find the missing part of you.

Use this time to benefit you so you can best care for the people you love..

You can do the breathing exercise here if you need to.

Have a great exceptional day.

Don’t forget to ask any question you may have or just leave a comment below.