Smart Morning Cleaning Routine

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Smart Spark: morning speed cleaning-what to do.


  • Make all the beds
  • Open the windows and curtains or blinds of the bedrooms 
  • Pick up anything on the floors and put anything that’s out of place in place

Clean the bathrooms 

  • Remove all laundry and dirty towels to the laundry
  • use an old rag to dry up the floor of the bathroom spray around the toilet before you dry it up.
  •  Give the sink a quick wipe
  • Rinse down the shower and make sure shampoo bottles etc., are all in place
  • Hang up a clean hand towel


  • Have a quick round in the kitchen
  • Empty the dishwasher if you haven’t yet from this morning or last night.
  • Rinse any plates, cups, etc, and put them in the machine
  • Adjust anything in the pantry that might have been moved when you did the lunches in the morning or by someone last night after you cleaned up.
  • Wipe down your benches 

Remember, you’re doing laundry at the same time, so listen out to your timer, your doing laundry and speed cleaning at the same time.


Side Note:

Do not hang laundry while you cleaning. just put them aside and put another load until you finish with the speed cleaning.

Now your morning speed cleaning is done. Turn off your timer, try to beat the time everyday if possible. If not, it’s not a big issue. The timer has its own purpose, which we will touch on it later.

You Don’t have to follow the order above you can start anywhere that suits you, most important is to have the speed cleaning done before the one hour is up.

Now that your speed cleaning is over, have a sit down to catch your breath 5 minutes or more maximum 25 minutes for this break.

Once you’re done with your short break, you can now start hanging your laundry.

Now you have the whole day to do anything you want to do, finish the laundry if you still have more to do, prepare dinner and do your

“One task a day keeps stress away,”

If you do not find the evening speed cleaning routine published. Leave me a comment to let me know so I can check it out.

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