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The Perfect Housewife Real Life Daily Diary is a document of my daily journey as a mum a wife and a woman with depression. Although I feel I started this late, but it's okay, a lot of the real struggle and pain got no chance to make it here, simply because depression does not allow you to do anything with your life but struggle on a daily basis and if you have a family to care for then... In these daily documents you will see what life is like as a housewife as a mother a woman with depression and most of all a woman with a passion to survive and to fight her wars alone without hesitation. What makes a perfect housewife is not her lack of flaws but her strength and determination to live her ideal life style that suits her best as the leader of her own mind. The power to live through any difficulties with the willingness to survive. She's an idealistic woman with the energy to create her own ideal world and life that has no outside influence. She uses the power of her mind to aid her in her battles and to assist her as she walks the path to her dreams. An idealistic woman is one who creates her own ideal life it doesn't have to be what society considered ideal, right or wrong. An idealistic woman creates her own identity, her own looks, her own fashion, way of parenting, managing her home etc according to how she likes it, it doesn't have to be acceptable or recognized by society, she needs no one approval for how she wants her life to be. Thank you for joining me and I hope you find something that inspires and motivates you through your own journey as a woman, a mother, a wife or a professional etc.
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